Perfect Cabin Hideout

Perfect Cabin Hideout

Welcome to Orchard Cabin!

Our cabin is located in the heart of Aspen. Featuring both rustic and modern furnishings. 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Including kitchen, dining room, living area, study, and playroom.

Suitable for families, children, couples and large groups of friends. Also pet-friendly.

Restaurants and major shopping retails are only a 5-minute drive. Ski slopes 10-minute drive.

You'll find a fireplace and a swimming pool. Perfect for a skiing winter vacation for skiing, Christmas, mountain adventures and summer getaways.

Sleds and fondue set provided.

Boasts ceiling beams, stone walls, and a wood-burning stove. Set over 2 floors, sleeps 4 people and includes a dog bed in the living room. The garden is made up of a vegetable patch, patio furniture and a barbeque.

The local area offers lovely walking routes, historical castle, horse riding and mushroom picking.

Voted most favorite cabin in Aspen